Writers Confessions


Inkblot on a paper
Artwork on its own
An internal guide to my inner soul
Meaning more than one could ever know
Weaving and describing what I feel within
Coming in different sizes and all different forms
From Synonyms to antonyms, the Thesaurus always knows
Adjectives, verbs, phrases, and objects
Plenteous- the source is never ending
Oh Webster you lucky thing
I can only fathom the day when I can be as knowledgeable as thee
What is in a name?
Will a rose by any other name still smell as sweet?
You give me the power to test this theory
The power to think and create
To come up with a formula or secret recipe for the bake
Where would I be without you
I don’t know probably lost
Cause without you my words
I cannot express my thoughts

One thought on “Writers Confessions

  1. i never knew who could write poetry using the word dictionary and thesaurus and english terms. WOW!!!

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