You Let Me Go


You asked me why I did it so I told you how I felt
I explained my observations and reservations hoping you would melt
I understand you want me happy but I needed your input too
When you told me nothing, it was thinking I had to do
I asked you why we should be and you hit me with an I don’t know
Which let me know subtly that you were letting me go
I had my hand in your hand and was running toward the door
As I pulled you released it causing me to tumble to the floor
Scared I gathered arguments and threw them at you as I bolted toward the end
You just closed it behind me and with a good night it was fin
You had no counter arguments, which meant you felt my way
All you had to do was think; success was in your lap my heart being the bait
You just said I had the same and noticed it was late
So I just agreed, even though my mind I you should stay
Before I could blink we were really through
you had let me go and even though not true said there was nothing you could do
I’m not giving you all the credit; our demise was ultimately my fault
I’m just letting you know that you played a major part
You had your reservations too; I picked up on your thought flow
Me, I may be a commitaphobe But you, You let me go.

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