Birthday Salute to Langston Hughes

Black History

Everyone has that one person who uplifts them with their spirit, and inspires them to be great.  Although mine is deceased, his words still speak to my soul. Echoing from old parcel paper, I can hear, “My motto/ As I live and learn/ Is dig and be dug in return.”  Ringing in my ears, I can hear, “Beautiful, also, is the sun. Beautiful, also, are the souls of my people.” Singing to my soul, I can hear “Bring me all of your dreams,/ You dreamer,/ Bring me all your Heart melodies,/ That I may wrap them/ In a blue cloud-cloth/ Away from the too-rough fingers/ Of the world.”  These words of advice let me know that if I accept people as they are, they will likewise accept me.  I know that this dark skin I possess is not a curse, but a mark of beauty.  It is a beauty that encompasses the soul of an entire race.  And above all, I know that I have the right to dream, and my dreams don’t have to go unnoticed.  My dreams can be protected from those who wish to push them down and keep them from happening.  He once asked, what happens to a dream deferred?  From the list of possibilities I came to this simple conclusion: I don’t want to be a raisin in the sun, I want to Explode.  Yes, I want to explode like a firecracker, and emit a light of an African American Dream.

Happy Birthday Langston Hughes.  Your Influence will forever live on.


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