Dear Adults: You Gotta Do Better


Parents are those role models who guide you and motivate you to do and be your best at all times, right? Apparently not.

A Charlotte, NC family was recorded punching a school resource officer in the head at a basketball game after a couple’s daughter was told she needed to leave the visiting team’s side of the court.

The father said he saw the officer talking to his daughter, and just wanted to check in to see what was going on.  The incident quickly escalated from a concerned talk to a physical altercation in which his wife, daughter and others jumped in.

Six people, including the girls’ basketball coach, have been issued citations.

This video comes two days after the story of a church fight over the discussion to reinstate a Pastor in Henderson County.  The sacredness of their religion did not stop these quick tempered members from engaging in an all out brawl- one that took 20 officers to disperse.

There are two places thought to be safe havens for children, the church and school.  Within a week, adults have managed to stain the reputation for both.

Along with this reputation also disappears the modern practice of leading by example.  Parents and other adults who act violently in heated moments to prove their points only tell the on looking youth that it’s ok to lash out in anger. 

When a child comes home from school with a suspension slip for fighting and the excuse that “daddy hits people when he is mad,” they have no one to blame but their own self.  That popular proverb “do as I say, not as do” is not going to hold much merit, and definitely won’t erase the already delivered damage.

So, how do we protect our youth and correct this problem?  Simply yelling at adults to have some self control just won’t work.

Another thought is to keep the adults out till they learn how to act.  However, you don’t want to punish those adults who are doing right.

The only thing left to do is deliver a powerful warning- one that parents cannot help but take heed to.  They need to know, and here it goes:

For every action there is a reaction. You are not just making yourselves look foolish, but are damaging your credibility as a mentor.  This can in turn have a negative impact on that young person in your life’s life. Being responsible for the demise of a young person’s morals has consequences you couldn’t dream of dealing with. 

Is it really worth it?

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