Driving while distracted

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The statistics don’t become real until they happen to you. That’s the lesson I just learned, and it came to me the hard way. I know you’re probably thinking I was texting and driving, but no that’s not the case. Being the responsible person I thought I was, I gave my phone to the passenger. But I might as well have been doing it myself. Unknowing of my sorroundings, I reached over to explain how my phone worked. At that same moment I blasted through a stop sign, darted across a winding intersection, and swerved out of control. It wasn’t until I saw the flashing blue lights behind me that I realized what I had done.
Everyone knows the drill: cop knocks on ur window, u give him your license and registration and he lectures you on your wrongdoing. I had committed a major crime, one that’s both costly and heavily weighed with consequences. But the whole time none of that crossed my mind. All I could think of was what if a car had of been coming? What if I had of completely loss control of the car? I thought this is how all the drinking and driving stories play out only someone ends up dead! How would I have explained what happen later? Would I even be able? My passengers’ lives were in my hand, and I had let them down big time! This situation could have gone south real quick and it’s all because I wasn’t paying attention.
The cop must have felt my pain, because he let me off with a huge warning to slow down and pay attention. Words can’t express how grateful I was to him, but also to the Lord for sparing us through this ordeal. At that moment I knew I would forever have an image embedded in my mind to remind me of the importance of keeping focus behind the while. I will do whatever I can to prevent a next time from happening because I know the odds are not in my favor for a positive outcome.
Take the great hang up and keep your focus on the road when driving. It’s worth it!

3 thoughts on “Driving while distracted

  1. i try never to drive distractedly especially since i chauffer my four little blessings around everywhere…i can’t believe how i use to talk on the cell and drive with such ease…i saw a later the other day holding her cell with one hand and yacking, looking down and texting or doing something on something else…all while driving WITHOUT any hands!!!! a tandem bike riding couple was just killed here recently because a guy was trying to read his map and crashed in to them…so tragic – good for you for learning your lesson – thank God the Lord was looking out for you and whoever could have been on the road…

    1. The phone has become so second nature that people don’t even think about the risk! But thanks 🙂

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