Elizabeth Taylor- Forever a Radiant Beauty


“Every breath you take today should be with someone else in mind. I love you”  – Elizabeth Taylor

Today the world breathes with the legendary Elizabeth Taylor in mind.  She died today at age 79 after being plagued since 2004 with congestive heart failure symptoms and rapidly deteriorating health.  Her spirit will live on as fans continue to adorn her through her film and philanthropy work.

Elizabeth Taylor’s life is a story of triumph, surviving and success.  She has stared in countless films stretching from her childhood well though her adulthood.  This career led her to win two Oscar for her on screen work, and later a third for her humanitarian efforts.  For women she was and still is an icon for beauty and an inspiration for talent, being hailed by the American Film Institute as the 7th top Female legend.

But Taylor served as a symbol of new life for those in another community.  At a time when AIDS was considered a  Taboo disease-Aids, she set an example by being an advocate for change.  She spoke out against the prejudice associated with the disease and helped start the American foundation for AIDS Research, amfAR.  She went on to later form her own foundation, Elizabeth Taylor AIDS Foundation, and has raised an estimated $50million dollars for the disease.  It’s no surprise some consider this some of her best work.

Through the drama of her love affairs, addictions, and battles with health, Elizabeth Taylor managed to continue to thrive calling herself a survivor.  She continued to exude wisdom and remained a radiant beauty even unto her death.  And that is why we love you Ms. Taylor.  Rest in Peace.

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