11 Minute Essay: Beauty

Everyday Musings, Inspiration

Other people help us see what we are and what we can become. When I look in the mirror, I see a full appearance of my face. My face is flawed. It consists of countless blemishes and scars. No cleanser ever washes away them all. No matter how much I scrub or what brand I buy. It’s what I see. I am always flawed.
“Beauty is only skin deep” is something people always say. What does this really mean? As a toddler, when our parents hold up a mirror do we deam ourselves as beautiful? Are we taught to go beyond the surface?
“I see pride, I see power, I see a bad mutha who dnt take no crap from nobody!” (Cool Runnings) A reinvention of an imagine based on a friend.
If I was left to only see what I saw in the mirror and wasn’t fortunate to have those special people that look beyond my surface and realize my potential I could never see the beauty of me. I’d be left dwelling on what I see as a curse- ACNE.
Where does our beauty come from? It comes from within, and it sometimes takes people who experience your inner beauty to help you see it. Take it from me.


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