F you because I love you!


 I know you hurt me, but F you! You stabbed me in the back, F you! You walked out of my life, F you! You left my for dead, F you!!!!!

Phrases such as these have become common in American language. Its no coincidence that artist Cee Lo Green won a grammy for his song FU.  These two letters are so ubiquitous that we don’t even need to spell them all the way out to get the full meaning.

Today I’m challenging you to let the F take on the new meaning. Instead of cursing those you feel wronged them, FORGIVE them.  

I first saw this video from a family friend a few months ago, then I heard about it again on a radio show.  The message is something that is simple, yet powerful when actually applied to life. Just by forgiving my enemies I feel so much more at peace.  Why? Because forgiveness is not for others, its for you and your health and well-being.  Forgiveness clears your mind of petty fights and opens it to all the positiveness the world has to offer.

I leave you with one more word of advice told me from the movie “Just Friends:”  Forgiveness is more than saying “I’m sorry.”  To for give is devine!

To all my friends, family, haters, congratulators and readers:  F You because I love you!

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