Everyday Musings

I stand, looking over the horizons.  Trying to peek to see where it is I will be.  What I will look like, what position my life will see…


Twenty percent of this ten month journey is complete.  Yet I’m still in the same position.  I need to find my place- hurry up and take a seat! 

People always wonder whats my end goal, and I’m cautioned not to say I don’t know.  But the truth is… I don’t!

Choices, choices, decisions, decisions

The easiest one is to say I’ll do this again. Change the life of one more kid.

Or better yet higher education could be the way for me.  After all, I already took the GRE.  But my field I can’t imagine…

I need a hinter!

The truth is, by the end of this dream, all I want to be is a better me.

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