I’m immune to heartache
Tears no longer wet my cheeks and sorrowsome nights cease to tire my eyes.
Instead I smile, and wrap myself in the pride and comfort of knowing I discovered another mirage before it transported me to a most sought after but uninhabitable utopia.
I’m immune to heartbreak
I recognize the pattern of deceit, and give way to my woman’s intuition as it jerks my being to that now common realization-
That realization that I’m really not as special as you told me, and your love was just a routine play into my imagination
How it felt so real, elevating me to surreal levels, rushing me with endorphines, completing me like a first high.
But what goes up must come down.
Like a girl caught playing dress up, my mirror future vanishes as my clothes of kisses, endearments and cuddles all fade away.
Standing naked and ashamed, I’m left startled as truths headlights blaze towards me colliding head on.
Still, even with that massive hit, I get up and dust myself off feeling no pain, just numbness.
I’m immune to love
Like Allstate protecting from mayhem, my immunity is my insurance against the pain of this disease.
The hard fact is that im left believing that real love only exists as a facade.
True love is a fairy tale for little girls and princesses.
And me? I will never be lucky to see my happily ever after
At least im immune.

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