14-year-old boy receives award for stopping predator who was touching a girl inappropriately


14-year-old Alvaro Hernandez helped stop a child predator on Jan 30. He was presented with the Certificate of Merit today.

It’s a casual day.  You are doing your normal house routine, happen to peer out your window and get a glipse of a man touching a young girl in her “danger zone.”  What do you do?

Alvaro Hernandez,14, witnessed Raul Molina, 29, jump a chain-link fence and aggressively embrace a 9-year-old girl who was playing in her yard.  Molina placed one hand on the girls buttocks and the other on her privates.

Without hesitation, Hernandez ran up to the guy and told him to stop, saving the little girl from a lifetime of trauma.  Molina ran away and was later identified by Hernandez in a line-up.  The act earned Hernandez a Certificate of Merit from Phoenix Police Chief Daniel Garcia.

Hernandez’s courage deserves the highest praise.  I hope we can all take a note from his good Samaritan book, and do the right thing when the time


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