Slutty Wednesday takes school dress code too far


Students at a New York High School declared yesterday Slutty Wednesday and came dressed in short shorts and skirts to protest the school dress code.

One popular thing to do in today’s culture is give a day of the week a theme name to make it more fun.  For example, Margarita Monday, Wild Out Wednesday or Freestyle Friday.  But are you comfortable with teens participating in Slutty Wednesday?

Students at a New York High School declared today Slutty Wednesday, and came to school dressed in short shorts and miniskirts in protest of the schools dress code.

I remember school days, putting on my white t-shirt and khaki shorts, then putting my hands to my side to make sure they were dress code “fingertip length” appropriate.  All the while, I complained that my rights of expression had been taken away.

But Slutty Wednesday was never a route I would have taken.

For one, the name is demeaning.  Girls who violated dress code to participate in this day unconsciously consented to being perceived as and called sluts.  Do I believe that a girl who shows a little skin is a slut, no way.  But when you participate in a day like this you are embracing being a slut, justifying it as cool.  Teens are already talked about negatively, this is not the attention you want to attract.

Secondly, I understand the dilemma, but I don’t think this is a battle teens should fight. I understand the cause.  In today’s world less skin is portrayed “sexy,” and in stores it is nearly impossible to find summer clothes that go to the knee.  Also, as a teen you were blessed with a gorgeous body and you want to show it off while you can.  However, there is a time and place for everything and school is not it.

I didn’t really understand the problem of girls wearing revealing clothing beyond it not being “appropriate” for someone so young until this year.  I was talking with a teacher and some students who were questioning the dress code.  The teacher told us a story about a young man in her class who sat across from a girl who wore low cut shirts.  The teacher asked him to pass out some papers, and he looked at her terrified exclaiming he couldn’t move.  When the teacher questioned him, he pointed down below.

The young man had become aroused and couldn’t move because he had obtained an embarrassing erection.

This story shows how much clothes can disrupt the learning environment.  Students in middle and high schools are dealing with all types of hormones and females who come dressed in revealing attire just fuels the fire.

I am so glad that students have found a cause that captures their interest.  Too many times we sit and complain about an apathetic generation.  So, it gives me pleasure to know that students can rally together, and stand up for something they believe in.  But, I do believe school dress codes are important and should not be tampered with to protect not only our students from predators, but to protect our education.

As for the shorts and skirts, there’s always summers and the beach.


4 thoughts on “Slutty Wednesday takes school dress code too far

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