Password Confidence


Yesterday my colleague had an unfortunate encounter that left him feeling low and questioning his intelligence.  “I’ll admit it, I’m stupid,” he said with guilt.

During a discussion, my boss said to him you never tell yourself your stupid.  Think, “I’m the greatest, I’m the greatest!”

My boss was alluding to Muhammad  Ali.  I recalled a story I read on The Champ a few months ago.  The story mentioned that Muhammad was the first to call himself the greatest.  People thought him arrogant and a showboat, but he kept his confidence and never let anyone ever tell him he was less than great.  Win or lose, Ali was the greatest to ever walk into the ring, according to himself.  And before long, he became what he said he was.

This is what is referred to as a self-fullfilling proficiency. I believe that you can speak  into existence what you want to happen in your life.  Why?  Because once you make up your mind to do or be something, you go for it.  You get a confidence and an ego that makes you want to take risks that you never thought of before.  You rise to challenges.  But more importantly, you also have the courage not to accept defeat because you genuinely believe you will not suffer the same fate the next time.

So next time you feel down in the dumps, and question your ability, remember “You are the greatest!” 

Get out there and claim what’s yours, Victory!





Even the silliest things are cool

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