Hidden treasures in the Organic Market

Everyday Musings

The popular thing to do on Saturday mornings in San Jose, Costa Rica is visit the organic farmers market in Polideportivo Aranjuez.  The atmosphere here is great!  Since its the weekend, the park is already filled with skaters, bikers, and families playing games of fútbol and basketball.  The green farmers mix in, setting up tents of organic fruits, vegetables and other products, in order to sell to the public.  The whole place has a community vibe of repeat venders and customers who operate like a family.

I decided to partake in the experience last week, and wondered through the sea of fresh options overwhelmed by all the options.  I have to admit, I’m not used to these types of foods and was a little confused by all the selections.  However, one booth with a young woman selling beautiful embroidered books caught my eye.  

As I browsed through notebook after notebook, the lady and I started a conversation.  She told me that this was the only day she would be here, and that she was on a journey from Mexico to Brazil with two other women who also do this work.  Their goal is to document and share the struggles and resistance of Abayayala sisters, a native tribe.  Proceeds from the books they make, which are all artesian works done completely by hand, go toward the cause and helps to end struggles of women.

The books she had were all different, in size and design, and indeed a marvel to look upon.  Some even had simple, yet gorgeous stenciled pictures painted in the covers.  Coupled with the profound story of these women, I couldn’t let a bargain like this go buy.  And I’m glad I didn’t, because now it is my hidden treasure!

To read more about the journey of these women, read their blog at http://papayas-sobre-ruedas.tumblr.com.

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