Inform Yourself and Vote 2012


The 2012 presidential election resembles a school yard fight.  The candidates are catty, sharp tonged and not afraid to get dirt under their nails.  They smile and make nice in each other’s faces but spread rumors behind each other’s back ready to sling mud the first chance they get.  The winner will, without a doubt, be the last person left standing.

The attack ads are more negative than ever, and most of them are either untrue or stretch the truth so much that it takes creativity to understand the validity.  From the right we hear claims that we are worse than we were four years ago, and President Obama is the Santa that didn’t deliver.  Actually, the economy is growing in the right direction, just slowly.  And as for Santa, I am reminded of the parent who promised their kid the present of their dreams for Christmas, but throughout the year situations arose that made their goal unattainable and they were forced to make due with what they had.  The kid didn’t get his dream toy, but he received the love and thoughtfulness of his parent in another gift.  Sure, he was disappointed, but is the parent at fault?

Now I understand we are talking about a country, not a family, and the standards are different.  But the point I am making is the President didn’t fully know the extent of the situation before he started office.  No newly incoming president does.  He came in with a bunch of ideas, but had to face roadblocks and unforseen challenges along the way.  What he thought was going to be a simple fix turned out to actually be more of an obstacle, but he’s doing the best he can with the situation.  Does that make him a bad President?  Some still argue yes, he’s not doing enough, but that’s your decision to make.

As for Romney, if he gets elected, people should realize the same thing is going to happen.  Things are not going to go as swiftly as swiftly as his five point plan is spoken.  For example, in the terms of jobs.  Jeremy asked would he have a job after graduation in the second debate.  The governor said he would create good college level jobs.  However, as a somewhat recent college graduate, I have not seen a deficit of jobs in my field.  Positions are posted everyday, and I can spend all my time filling out applications.  The problem is that people want more experience than I as a college graduate have.  To combat, I am forced to take those lower wage jobs for the sake of money and build my experience until I am qualified to work in the field I want.

In the spirit of the president’s #horsesandbayonets line, the world is changing and those “good” jobs requires more skill qualifications than the average person has.  I am constantly being told that a bachelors degree is becoming the new high school diploma, which makes the options for a high school dropout or that parent with kids to support and no time to advance their education extremely limited.  Governor Romney will find that he can’t just create any jobs, but he has to create all types of jobs so people with all educational backgrounds in all 50 states will have something to go after.

To switch gears we hear from the left that Governor Romney wants to bankrupt cities, make himself more wealthy and kill Bigbird.  There was an even an add that inadvertedly linked the death of a woman to the governor closing a plant.  The fact is I bet half of Americans have not even bothered to read the editorial the governor had published in the New York Times to see the precise details of what it said.  Bankruptcy doesn’t mean you totally fail, and is a viable option for troubled businesses.  And as for Bigbird, the government pays for less than 20 percent of PBS’s funding.  If it was somehow cut, Sesame Street would probably have to lay off a couple puppets but I doubt Bigbird would actually lose his job.  The fact is money has to be cut somewhere, and no matter where it is, it will be unfavorable.

The bottom line is, both candidates will say whatever they can to get in office, and we truly have no clue what their plans really are through the vague details they are supplying.  I wish they would follow the advice that a kid a youTube gave to “Just say what you are really going to do, because we are going to find out anyway,” but in politics that will never happen.

Our job as the American public is to not take what we hear through the media at face value, but actually research the facts and policy proposals.  Once we truly have a grasp on the real situations, we should go out and perform our citizen duty of voting for who we feel will be right for the country.

Afterall, when you don’t vote at all, you lose the right to complain in the next four years.

I’m Kayla Marie and I approve this message.

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