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This morning I awoke to a message:

Espero verte algun dia de nuevo.  Sinceramente, tenia ganas de besarte, al menos jajaj. Pura vida..
Un abrazo y que tu estadía en Costa rica sea genial

The translation: “I hope to see you one day again.  Honestly, I desired to kiss you at least, haha.  Pure life.. A hug and a cool stay in Costa Rica.”

At 5:30 in the morning, my heart fluttered.  Not because I shared the same sentiment as this guy, but because it felt so good to be desired!

The sender was an Argentine male I met last month on my 18 hour bus ride from Panamá City.  At first I was disappointed when he sat beside me.  The bus left at midnight, and I had dreams of stretching out in the two seats and sleeping until we got to the border.  Dreams shattered, I pushed them aside and made due with the situation.

The gentleman was pleasant, attractive and began talking to me immediately.  I explained to him the American currency he had been given in Panamá.  We laughed and listened to music together.  At one moment he looked at me seriously and asked, “How are you a reporter, and your Spanish is not that great.” From then on he taught me a few Spanish words, and I in turn gave him some English tidbits.  We then watched the Three Stooges TicaBus was showing on the overhead television and laughed at how the Spanish audio and Spanish subtitles were noticably different.  This went on until I finally doozed off wrapped in the blanket I brought using the window for a pillow.

Upon arrival at our final destination, we exchanged Facebook profiles and I left, not looking back, until this weekend when he messaged me saying he was coming to San José and wanted to meet up.  Unfortunately his travel plans were delayed, which is why he sent this message.

still livingThe best thing about this interaction is that the whole time I didn’t think about my hard breakup that had ensued not that long before.  The intense stress that tumbled in my life after never crossed my mind.  I enjoyed the moment, and for that time was at peace.

The lesson is simple.  That thing that turned your life upside down and made you feel like you were trapped forever will eventually let you go and disappear allowing you to move forward.  It can happen in the least expected way, as long as you’re willing to let it come through.

Even in the roughest times, there is life after.


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