Ode to Michelle Obama: A salute to American’s First Lady

Black History, Poetry
Michele Obama

Michele Obama, First Lady of the United States

A beautiful image, strong and proud
Aside the commander in chief you stand
Without words you speak for black women loud
Showing our worth and purpose in this land
Goes beyond mans objectifications
Portraying us as intellectuals
Independent, faithful and nurturing
Unafraid of the ramifications
Influential, not ineffectual
I’m left gawking here in admiration

Behind every strong man, a woman is there
Holding his hand, supporting heavy weights
Providing breaths when he’s grasping for air
Getting him there where destiny awaits
You are the first family’s backbone
Doing things our public eye cannot see
Yet still pushing your agendas for change
Positive lifestyles and healthy living tones
Reminding us to go high, when society takes low blows, to prioritize self worth and dreams, and that life is bigger than boys and things.

It’s more than your bangs, arms, dresses, rings
Pushups on Ellen, Mom dances with Fallon
The hip, cool, likeable comments we sing
You make things happen sin scary talons
An icon that can stand with the greats
The advocates, the civil rights Mamas
Who brought a difference by not succumbing to life’s baits
In history you’ve gracefully left a mark

Happy Birthday FLOTUS, Ms. Michelle Obama

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