barbecue plate

Yes, I’m Southern


Yes, I’m Southern
I like my tea syrupy sweet
and my chicken fried between a biscuit
Don’t have chicken?
Well drizzle a little sausage gravy on top
barbecue plateAnd don’t forget my side of grits

Oh Yes, I’m Southern!
Where groups of people are simply y’all,
Ma’ will pop you for gettin’ ‘side yo self
And things are put up, not away
Good mornings, Yes Sir and No Ma’am All necessities
But shoes- not so much

No, trust me I’m sho nuff southern
By way of North Cack
Where every occasion calls for a fish fry
And barbecue is an menu option at cookouts
Served slapped ‘tween bread and topped wit slaw
Taters and Hushpuppies a must

Don’t believe I’m Southern?
Well don’t make me reach in my pocketbook
Better ask ya mamma and ’em
Cuz I bet cha we all some kin
And if not,
Well bless your little heart…

Yep, I’m southern

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