My brothers and me

Eternally bonded


 “Bubbie!” I hear a voice say
The tone is one of a delight
Its using a nickname that lacks rationale
But it wanted it, and made it stick

“K!” another one salutes
Darting my attention to the other side
“You learn Spanish yet?” it continues
“What more free services are you going to give the world?”

“Haha, very funny,” I contest back
Jokester is this one’s aim

“Hey Bud-dy…” a drawn out greeting echos
jumping me to another direction again
“How u durr-iinng…” it follows
in a low register and a soft tone
A sweet reflection of its gentle nature

These three persons could not be more different
It’s a connection to the same womb that binds us eternally
A place that birthed us with drive and determination
An ambition to succeed and to at all cost follow dreams

The sounds of their voices jolts remnants when time was forever
A house scented of sweet potato pies
Turkey that has baked overnight
And jumping on each others beds at midnight
Because Santa is gone and presents await unraveling

Or the smell of waffles and bacon at a 2 a.m. Waffle House
The rich taste of hot chocolate on the tongue
At this age this was the way to “Revive us Again”
A nice change from the hard pews our heads used as pillows moments before
Where not even organs, preacher crooning and late night shouting could
disturb us

We can all sleep just about anywhere
Due to many long cross state road trips
Starting out with cassette tape players
where you have to switch to the other side to rewind
Moving to CD players that skip when you bump its behind
And now with iPods that operate with just one touch

back then, who would have thought such?
But I digress…

While we were technologically occupied, mother listened to popular radio
“I’m locked up.. they won’t let me out” and “slow motion for me”
Lyrics that kept themselves in rotation until the music turned into static
Leaving me to search for yet another “black station”
sometimes without them being found
These are my confessions…

Trips with Mufasa would give us no such break
Putting that “Cornbread, fish and collard Greens” on replay
Replaced by “My last two dollars”
And he was right, he didn’t lose
Until night fell dark, and we lay on each other asleep
Making it back just in time for the first bell of school.

How about falling asleep at tables?
While whoever was deemed the “slacker of the week” finished their big
The one that was due the next day, and was worth half their grade
And by the way…
Who’s turn is it to do the dishes?

“Stay in a child’s place,” one parental unit would always stay
To us this meant crowding in mama’s bed
Watching movies and Disney Channel reruns
While she read or slept to prepare for the night shift

Sometimes I wish in a child’s place we did stay.
And I could hear those initial voices more often
More than just the holidays…

But Oh, when we do get together
“What a time, what a time what a time!”
Asking each other, “Have you heard..”
and “Did you know…”
Fighting over the last cup of sweet tea
Making jokes about the changes we made
And how some things stay the same
Like having to run errands with poppa
And still climbing in bed with mama

These reunions normally end on a Sunday
And that is okay
Even if we have to keep being “Souled out”
Which reminds me…
Can Zach Powerhouse?


My brothers and me

There will always be a love and connection that will bridge us together forever.

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