Lorax quote

What is change?


Lorax quoteWhat is the look of change?
Young idealists out to cure society’s mange?
A black man serving at America’s helm?
Taking us to possibilities outside our world realm

Or is it old men with lots of money,
Giving scholarships to kids whose funds are funny?
Chefs advocating for healthy foods in the schools?
Or Celebs teaching black youth to swim in the pools?

Perhaps the answer is in technology
Going from brick phones to smart application anthologies
A universe of face-to-face skype meets
Followed by a bunch of 140 character tweets

Maybe change should always be serious
Like helping children born in prison escape a fate deleterious
Telling entire worlds they need to start being tasteful
Care about the environment, recycle and not be wasteful

The truth is, change is all this and more
It’s going beyond a daily chore
It looks like the face of you and me
Caring for something that exists in a way it shouldn’t be

“Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot,
Nothing is going to get better. Its not.”
Words the good ole Dr. Suess prescribed
In our hearts we should all inscribe.

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