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Time waits for no man, I was once told.  Yet, I didn’t heed the warning and kept blasting through life at full speed.  I was stuck staring in front of me, eyes blinded to what was around me me, because ahead of me was my destiny.  I wanted what was mine.

And then there was the fact that I could be sitting still in the same location as a group of people and be more present in cyberspace than I was in that room- laughing at at video, updating my status, liking photos or smh-ing at the latest twitter ignorance.

“You are going to get hit by a bus, because you are too involved tweeting to see it coming,” my best friend joked.

What I didn’t notice was that time escaping from me.  Before I knew it, I was out of University and moving from place to place, leaving behind friends and loved ones as I searched for the next best thing.

It wasn’t before I was stripped of my every “smart” gadget and required to live a minimalist life abroad that I even missed them.  Without these distractions, I was forced to stop and slow down, to pick a few flowers and indulge in the smells of life.  I realized for the first time that I was living an isolated life.  I was truly alone.

To my dismay, when I had returned, those little ones that once idolized me were matured and readying themselves for their own graduations.  New ones have taken their place.

Everyone greeted me with delight, all with the same question… “Are you going to be here a while?”

I smile and nod a reassuring, “Yes.”   And it’s true.  I hope to stay around a while, because I’ve learned that it’s more fulfilling to be present.

Like poet and hip hop artist Jason “Propaganda” Petty, I’ve divorced the outside social distractions.  I’m ready to be in the here, the right now.

And doesn’t it fell good.

Jason "Propaganda" Petty,  a poetic mastermind reaching the masses with messages about life and our creator.

Jason “Propaganda” Petty, a poetic mastermind reaching the masses with messages about life and our creator.

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