About Me

The discombobulated one. Often confused, but acting like its all together. Wanting to fit in, but not caring what others think (or do I??) Content with being alone, yet happy with friends. Stubborn and rebellious, yet always doing what told. Intellectually gifted, but acting silly and using clumsy nature to hide. Often feeling invisible, but sarcastic to all who care. Just a few entries to my story called me. It may seem contradicting and not make sense, but so is life. Each word I say and pen mark I make signifies a characteristic and action. Each brings me one step closer to my final chapter- the one where I have discovered my purpose the meaning of life. All dreams are either shattered or fulfilled, and judgement comes. Yet, above all, I can reach out and say there’s one powerful thing my ego, pride, insecurities, and haters could not steal: My Mind and the fact that I existed. I Think Therefore I Exist.

My philosophy teacher wrote this quote on the board one day, and we began a discussion.  He made the claim that the one thing that separates humans from every other species is the fact that we have the ability to reason.  The thought intrigued me, but I didn’t think much about it until a year later.  I was reading a young adult’s novel and one of the characters said to the other, “How do you know that you are real.”  Naturally the response was, “I can see myself.”  “But what if you lost your sight?” the other character asked.  This dialogue continued until they had been through the five senses.  Stumped the person shouted, “I can hear myself think!”  A light bulb went off in my head that day, and from that day forward Cogito Ergo Sum has been my life motto.

I tell that story to set the basis for my life works. I have two goals in life, to learn as much as I can and to contemplate what I learn to make my own conclusions.  I don’t desire to be rich in money, but to be rich in knowledge.  With that out the way, I also want to be someone who lives forever.  Not physically, but through my deeds.  I want the things I do and the things I say to matter to someone, and to ripple out living inside others, moving from soul to soul.

My education is in Journalism and my passion is writing.    This blog is my way of reasoning thorough information that comes my way. I use this page as a form of expression, organizing the thoughts I have swimming around in my head.I hope you enjoy, and feel free to comment!

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