Stroke of Midnight

Everyday Musings, Short Story

2015 fireworksThe clock strikes 12. My body is present in the new 2015 celebrated in with champagne toasts and a freshly dropped ball in Times Square brought to my couch via television satellite magic. My mind has been teleported to 2012- “our first real date.” I had just returned back to where everything is bigger, eager to slip out of the blanket of panic I wore hours early due to a delayed flight and into a dress fit for the downtown festivities to come.

This would also be the first time I would be a part of the cliché ringing in the year in the arms of someone who loved you- or in our case, someone who was going to grow to love you. Although we didn’t symbolically kiss when the fireworks sounded, I was wrapped in your arms. The crowd around us was large, yet the moment still seemed personal, only interrupted when the rest of our friends joined up with us. Moments later, we rode the bus home with me asleep on your shoulder. The perfect ending.

Free to be Me: Inspiring T-shirts and Accessories for Women

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Free to be me t-shirt available in sizes small-2XL on Redbubble.  Click for more information.

Free to be me t-shirt available in sizes small-2XL on Redbubble. Click for more information.

As an artist I am always looking for ways to inspire others with my work.  This venture is my way of bridging the gap between my photography and the fashion world.  With digital art, I take my images to create daily wearable inspirations of faith, hope, love, peace and joy for young, fashionable women.

Mandela: An icon has passed away but his legacy lives on forever

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"No one is born hating another person because of the color of his skin, or his background, or his religion.  People must learn to hate, and if they can learn to hate, they can be taught to love, for loves comes more naturally to the human heart than its opposite."  Nelson Mandela 1918-2013

“No one is born hating another person because of the color of his skin, or his background, or his religion. People must learn to hate, and if they can learn to hate, they can be taught to love, for loves comes more naturally to the human heart than its opposite.” Nelson Mandela 1918-2013

The whole world is in mourning after the news that South African revolutionist Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela died Dec. 5 at age 95 in his home.


Former South American President, anit-apartheid leader and human rights advocate Nelson Mandela died Dec. 5 at age 95.

Over the last few days we have heard lots about the life and achievements of a man who spent 27 years in prison due to his opposition of apartheid then went on to become the first black president of South Africa.  He won his political seat in a democratic election, a system he believed in and fought hard to make a practice of in his country.

Mandela’s life is a story of freedom and forgiveness.  In a era filled with a plethora of racial hatred, he endured much abuse.  Yet his determination never favored.  The real inspiration, however, was ,despite it all, he advocated not to lash out at his enemies, but to use love as a means to overcome life evils.  Mandela believed in the inner strength of a person saying “when people are determined, they can overcome anything” and to look to our own selves to create change.

This icon’s life is not only a legacy, but a moral compass and a blueprint for true leadership.

What is a true leader?

A true leader is someone full of beliefs- a believer of themselves, others and the greater good.
A true leader is sacrificial.  They are not above the cause, but an insert into the cause.  
The cause is not a task but a life mission.
A true leader appreciates the advantageous differences in persons, because it brings about different ideas and plans.
A true leader values the human emotion of fear, and see’s it not as an hinderance but another obstacle to overcome.
A true leader walks in confidence with strides of wisdom… whether that’s in front of or behind the crowd.  
A true leader is Nelson Mandela.  

Rest in Peace Mr. Nelson Mandela. Your legacy and spirit is with us forever.


10 Years from Now

30 Day Poetry Challenge, Poetry

30 Day Poetry Challenge, Day 5: Write a rap about the world in 10 years.


10 years from now
I hope the world realizes its mistakes
And no more innocent people will the grim reaper take
Due to hate crimes and war
I hope we come together to save the poor
And educate our kids
Not just with math, literacy and science
But teach them to be well rounded giants
I hope the government is really for the people, by the people
Like our forefathers envisioned
But most of all
When my book falls open to 2022
I hope that history reveals
That all we need to be surreal
Is to give, and let love spill.



I’m immune to heartache
Tears no longer wet my cheeks and sorrowsome nights cease to tire my eyes.
Instead I smile, and wrap myself in the pride and comfort of knowing I discovered another mirage before it transported me to a most sought after but uninhabitable utopia.
I’m immune to heartbreak
I recognize the pattern of deceit, and give way to my woman’s intuition as it jerks my being to that now common realization-
That realization that I’m really not as special as you told me, and your love was just a routine play into my imagination

I still hear your voice…

Everyday Musings, Inspiration, Short Story

I still hear your voice.

You’re presence whispers in the little things I do. No big memories, its the little things that matter.

Your omnipresence is so surreal. In the bathroom, as I splash water and it drips down my face, I am reminded of nights I spent at your house. “My second home.” My free space.

As I move to the kitchen, I recall your ubiquitous cookbooks and complex spice racks.  My experimental place where I first baked a cake. Mmmmm good times…

Your memory never escapes me.

I remember our “family” get togethers at my place. Mom made her famous Kool-aid punch, you always brought the smoked meats.

Now you’re the second of our family to be gone. The first was my sister gone too soon. Now you, my other mom. Both of you claimed by diseases that we spend thousands on reasearch for but no man can cure.


Who would have known this would have been our last summer together.

I took seeing you in the hospital for granted. I never like those places. No matter how friendly the staff- the smell, doors and people suffering puts my stomach in pretzel knots. Nausea surfaces into my throat each time.

But sometimes life makes you do things you don’t want. I wanted to support my mom, your most faithful visitor, and you were there. So I went.

He’s Not Like the Others

Everyday Musings, Poetry


He’s not like the others

He calls me pretty, not sexy like I’m so accustomed to hearing

You see sexy is a synonym for “I’m attracted to your body.”

But he took the time to get to know my face,

He can tell you the shape of my eyes when I’m trying to get what I want

He values my smile

And more importantly, he dug inside to get to know my soul…

He’s not like the others