Inspiring confidence, closing the achievement gap, and saving lives through City Year San Antonio

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I serve because I believe in the power of change. I will continue to serve until this world of at-risk youth ceases to exist.

Imagine being in a classroom with more than 30 middle school students-most who can’t read past a third-grade level. These students come from lives of poverty, hurt and strife. They’ve been told they can’t succeed for years. My mission is to get them to believe they can.

Across San Antonio there are 80 individuals who work throughout the community as an educational support force through the organization City Year. City Year is a national non-profit under AmeriCorps that unites 18-24 year olds from all over America in ten months of community service. Our job is to tutor and mentor middle and high school students, coaching them in attendance, behavior and coursework. We keep them in school and on-track to graduate.