Fox Wrong Again, American Idol Gets By With Top 11


My mouth literally dropped in awe when one of my audition favorites, Casey Abrams, turned his curly hair and scruffy face to hug Stefano Langone good-bye after hearing he was not saved this week.  It was the Palin controversy all over again- when Brandy lost her chance at the mirror ball even though she was better talented just because she was not as well politically connected.  I admit I ranted in anger at my poor t.v. hoping FOX magically heard my tirade about thier network being unfair.

I wasn’t the only one, though.  The look on Randy Jackson’s face was priceless and only Casey knows what Stefano was mumbling.  Obviously it was obscene though, because the network felt the need to silence my t.v. for at least 15 seconds.  I know what everyone was thinking, Casey is a true artist and there are least 3 other people who he deserves the title over- including Stefano who can sing but lacks an inner performer.  The other two are Haley Reinhart who, lucky for her, managed to escape the bottom three this week after being there two weeks in a row, and Thia Megia who is just downright boring.

I did find amusement on the show watching Randy wave Ryan down with a Yo, Yo, Yo then exclaim “We know who you are Casey, We don’t need to hear you sing anymore.  Isn’t that right Steven?”  Any direction to Steven Tyler makes me smile because he always looks like he’s living an out of body experience then says something out of this world.  The other time I chuckled was when I watched Jennifer Hudson give an “in your face Idol” performace of her new single “Where you At?” then shout out George Huff, showing he didn’t get any further in his career than her own backup singer even though he placed 2 places higher than her in their season.

I bet J. Lo felt bad, she wanted to give the one and only save to Karen Rodriguez instead of using it at a time when it was worth it.  I shared in Casey’s sentiment when he said he knew he was a goner because it was too early in the show to even think they would use a save.  Well the judges fooled us both! Anyway, Casey deserved this chance.  He better sing like his life depended on it next week.  He’s used up the last life line.

2 thoughts on “Fox Wrong Again, American Idol Gets By With Top 11

  1. there are currently 3 main reasons to watch Idol: Casey’s singing, Steven’s sense of humor and Pia’s looks — let’s not eliminate one of the main reasons to watch this show plz

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