Ode to My Parents

30 Day Poetry Challenge, Poetry

30 Day Poetry Challenge Day 2: Create an ode to whoever/whatever is the source of your inspiration.

Ode to My Parents

No offspring chooses which womb to inhabit
Yet four struck luck with a blessing
Two souls tied together them as a rabbet
Tender loving care, emotions caressing
Under each’s watch all sprouted healthy
Into strong trees with dreaming branches
Looming over the world, their fortress
Skis marks infinite movements so stealthy
Nothing incapable of the reach of clutches
Taught to fly rendering others wordless

A female owl hunting for survival in dark
Prepared vittles between daylight slumbers
Attending institutions to support our embarks
No complaint ever, quite a stumper!
The male a rabbit never un-energized
An agenda of service steering every encounter
Helping his land any method he could
The fearsome foursome shared his enterprise
With all his ventures served as assister
To both education a key and college a should

A common devotion shall forever bridge the two
Even as life between them gorges a rift
From the progeny a return must ensue
Repaying impossible debts till time grows stiff
Giving back to a nurturer is a grand accolade
Just to say magnificent rearing, a surpassing work
No two people are more deserving than thou
Indubiously this journey was quite the escapade
Pushing, inspiring, and providing even when we smirk
As your prodigies we stand and give you a bow

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