Hey Charlie, You Still Winning?


When abcNews asked Actor Charlie Sheen if he was bipolar, he informed us that he was bi-winning.  According to Sheen, he wins over here and he wins over there.  But there is one place his streak runs out: Detroit.

After doing several national interviews, breaking a twitter record of followers, shooting a cooking show, and going live on USTREAM, Sheen packed up to take his show on the road.  Fans in Illinois jumped at the chance to see this superstar on stage, selling the show out in only 18 minutes.  However, those in Detroit left wishing they had spent more than a few minutes debating the tickets. Sheen wanted a torpedo of truth and he got it in the form of boo’s, walk-outs and requests for refunds.

The 20 stop live tour featured an unpopular rapper and clips from Sheen’s self made movies.  The show has been described as “sucking,” “boring” and “awful.” One person said that Sheen was “babbling on and on until I wanted to throw up at my seat.”  This brings up the big question, What were patrons expecting?  Sheen is famous for being a junkie and alcoholic who parties hard and rants about those who oppose his lifestyle.  Even on “Two and a half Men,” he got his laughs for being a rich drunk who spends all his money on hookers.  Take away the Hollywood glam, and all you are left with is an addict with a mic talking about warlocks and tigerblood.  The whole thing screams disaster. 

Sheen’s not going to change his slogan to “failing” just yet.  As the other part of his title suggests, Defeat is not an option.  The Chicago show was revamped, and received better reviews.  Although I doubt he’ll sell out again, the show will go on.  For how long you ask? Now that we’ll just have to wait and see.

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