Life is what you make it


One lesson I have learned in life is to just sit back and listen.  People have a lot of wisdom, if you are willing to just take the time to absorb it.  An encounter today confirmed just that.

This ground welcomes me to my new residence, Kap’s Place.

It’s my second day in San Jose, Costa Rica. That’s almost three weeks since I decided I was going to sell my stuff and move here for a year to do an internship in my field while becoming proficient in spanish at the same time.

I moved into a lovely hostel called Kap’s place this morning.  I was attracted to it’s warm atmosphere, friendly owner, and cheap prices so decided to give it a go- at least for a month.  Upon returning from work, I was introduced to a couple other guests.  Three hours later I find myself sitting around a round table eating pizza and discussing life with a young man from California, a young woman from Ecuador, an older man retired from the Army, and an middle aged woman from Australia.  Our accents were different, but our views all so similar.

The topic was brought up that two women were mugged at knifepoint while walking home at night, not too far from our place.  Frightened, one tenant began expressing her concerns.  

The Australian woman looked at us all and said, “If you say, ‘Look I know its bad things out there, but I am an awesome person and I’m going to surround myself with awesome people,’ then nothing will happen.”

This resided with me so well because it has been my mentality for this journey.  I don’t speak much spanish, and I don’t know much about Costa Rica.  All I knew is that I had been afforded a great opportunity and I had to take it.  People told me it was foolish, and Costa Rica was not safe.  I just shrugged but I told myself, if you expect the worse then the worse will happen, then waved off any doubts, and went for it.

You can’t live life scared of what could happen.  The mentality that you approach life with is what you will get back. Be smart about your encounters, and remember there are good people in the world.  Positivity is contagious, and if you give off good energy, good things will happen.  All you have to do is believe.

Breakfast location at my first home, Hotel Aranjuez.

River I found while walking the streets to Guadalupe.

3 thoughts on “Life is what you make it

  1. Hey this is awesome and so true: you can’t live in fear that other people portray for you. I think a positive mind is the key to greatness. Plus no matter where you go or live there is always insecurity. We dream for places with complete security but the reality is different. Even at home is never safe. We just simple think positively that it is.

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