A ring adorning my finger,
A necklace dangling from my neck
On my being everyday
A physical presence,
But a soul manifestation
With this vest I dress
Strutting out to the world scene
Remembering this theme
Singing this tune
And exuding this perfume


A sweet, natural song
A massive message so profound
Perched ears captivated with its amazing sound
Language barriers broken, no translator required
Reaching the masses
Issuing life to the impotent
Freeing the innocent
Answering our prayers


People often ask what am I to do
When violence has frightened our nation into a cocoon
And enemies scour around to test, vex and hex
An unyielding cycle, enough to perplex
A raised big voice screams, “Dear neighbor whats next?”
As clouds deliver rains of confusion
Trudging we go uncovered sorrowfully thorough life’s harsh pollutions
Living without justice
Driving without purpose
Walking around with anguish
Looking for the answer


A reflection resembling sincerity and compassion
Patient, Caring and Kind
The only solution to ease the mind
So easy to imitate
All required is a caring face
A feeling so genuine, it cannot be fake
Caressing feelings of hurt, shame and defeat
Kissing those whose intent is destruction
Hugging those filled with disaster
Believing in the greater good


“The worst disease in the world is hate, and the cure for hate is Love”
India Aire

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