2012 Olympic Ballad


I read an article about how poetry used to be a part of the Olympic games. Intrigued I chose to write my own Olympic ballad to celebrate the sports and athletes as the closing ceremonies come to us today.

2012 Olympic Ballad

I’ll tell you a story about my life as a small girl,
Clumsy I was, but my father still wanted me to run
Good for college resume he said, so out for track I went
On each track trip, I took a trip, oh please excuse my pun!

Needless to say, I ended my track days, a long time ago.
But every four years I get to see the glorious sport
I watch them jump and run around for the fastest world times
Wanting to win the olympic gold, making other countries snort

Jamican Man Usain Bolt, the fastest in 2012
Lightnin’ broke records for one hundred and two hundred meters
And Allyson Felix three golds she won, landing MVP
Both go down in history as Olympic times beaters

Track and field ain’t the only sport, I like to watch ’em all
Gabby Douglas, so beautiful, first black with gymnast gold
And Michael Phelps, most decorated, with 22 medals adorned
My pride to see, even though I cant be, athletes my heart’s sold!

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