graffiti woman

No positive silence


graffiti woman

Dear graffiti woman,

You… give.. me… LIFE…!

Surface ebony tinted like mine
Down to earth tones line your outside
Together on these street we are minorities
Another reason to look, to stare
Without a second thought
Gazing intensely in this instance is okay
It appears you can’t see the world anyway

Your biggest deception
Eyes closed, but make no mistake
You’re not blind
Possessed with an all seeing eye
A wretched gift
Evidenced by those under dark circles
And the alarming red you’re bathed in
Strength comes with a price

Slender extremities
Visions of femininity
But not an anomaly
That underneath it’s weight
Your outer vocal instrument disappears
It’s impossible to speak what you know
The cost is too great

Still visually you make a loud noise
“No Hay Silencio Positivo”

Perfectly tucked under life’s bridge
Tinking sounds of the green walking man
Zum of airplanes overhead
Beeps of taxi horns
Shuffling foot corns
Clink clack of heels
Chirp chirp from bird bills
Vroom of motorcycles
Psh of buses surviving
Light ding ding of the ice cream bell
“Alo” phone conversations prevail
Laughter of friends, that one complaining
Joys of children playing

Your surrounding is full of noises
So easy to drown yours out
It’s a reason to retreat
To slunk down in your crevice
In Pain

Or better yet
More reason to be heard
To let it all out
Bearing all is not worth the sacrifice

“There is no positive silence”

Piloy adorned you just right
Thank you wise artist,
Lesson learned

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