He’s Not Like the Others

Everyday Musings, Poetry


He’s not like the others

He calls me pretty, not sexy like I’m so accustomed to hearing

You see sexy is a synonym for “I’m attracted to your body.”

But he took the time to get to know my face,

He can tell you the shape of my eyes when I’m trying to get what I want

He values my smile

And more importantly, he dug inside to get to know my soul…

He’s not like the others

He respects me to a level that I thought was dead to this generation

Never once has he raised his voice

Or even ventured to touch me inappropriately

When he has me in his arms, he holds me tight and caresses my face

He massages my scalp, and when his hands move- they never go pass my back

He’s not like the others

Not even a kiss he has stole

And my guess is he’s waiting for that perfect time

Because his goal is to make me feel special

He’s not like the others

He didn’t attract my attention with his body, but the size of his heart

From the moment I saw him care for infants with different circumstances with the same level of nurture their parents would offer, I was brought into his trance

He mesmerized me with his will to always catch me when I have fallen

And his desire to give me the world just to make me happy makes my heart skip a beat…

He’s not like the others

“Don’t worry about it, it’s too much” I always tell him

He simply answers, “I don’t mind it”

And the amazing thing about it is he doesn’t

He’s not like the others

I’m a fly caught in his web of affection

Trapped in a place of happiness that I’ve been on the search to find for so long

Yet I can’t help but feel a chill of fear

What he doesn’t know is these are not uncharted waters

In my past, Guys gained my trust by injecting me with poisonous lies therefore luring me into a false sense of security.

The end result of their venom left my head spinning with thoughts of betrayal and defeat.

So I have to ask my self, can I really trust his treats?

He’s not like the others

I find comfort in this thought.

It makes me feel safe.

Although our future right now is uncertain, I hope this one thing remains the same…

He’s not like the others

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